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ENGworks has the combined experience of over 25 years of involvement and collaboration in the field of building technology and related services. We are supported by the talent and knowledge of over 100 highly skilled technical professionals from multiple office locations in the Americas, including Los Angeles, Chicago, Sao Paulo, Santiago de Chile and Cordoba. Alongside with our strategic partners in the UK, Australia and Middle East, ENGworks currently participates in projects on a global scale, offering verifiable superior services and project support, all the while continuing to develop the unrealized potential of BIM.


Citi Field – New York Mets Stadium

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Cotton Bowl Stadium

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Yas Arena Stadium

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Bim Blog

Scan to BIM golden rules

Reflecting true As-Built conditions and proper information for the specific model purpose is the first thing that comes to my mind when thinking about Scan to BIM projects. In my opinion, after a couple of years of diving into lots of Scan to BIM projects, too many factors are to be considered critical before beginning any modeling. […]

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What is the price of BIM?

Whenever we are discussing with a client the next BIM project, the same questions usually come up: “how much does the BIM cost?” Or “what are your hourly rates?” Or the famous “how much by square feet?” I assume, the same may also happen within in-house BIM teams, for an A/E firm or a Contractor to budget the BIM […]

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LOD downgrade?

Having to downgrade the LOD as you move into later stages on the project lifecycle, sounds very counterintuitive… On the typical A-Z BIM project you go from a lower LODs 200 for early design, “upgrading” to LOD 300s when going from Design Development to Construction Drawings. Then you “upgrade” to LOD 350 to 400 for […]

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