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Throughout the adoption of BIM, architects have seen their fair share of stumbling blocks. By partnering with ENGworks, architects gain a new level of flexibility that enhances their profitability. The implementation of an expanded BIM resource pool ensures value-added services to their clients, therefore improving revenues and residual business.

Third-Party BIM Model Auditing Solutions

It is always sound thinking to verify the consistency of the information contained within a Building Information Model (BIM). Failure to audit the BIM will undoubtedly result in the output data being unreliable and producing false reports.  

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On-Site BIM Support Solutions

Technology has greatly eased work from different locations. We believe though, that for certain endeavors, a personal presence is required in order to increase communication, thereby maximizing efficiency. As Coordination meetings represent an essential process that allows teams to resolve clashes before they are identified in the field, effective meetings can save (depending on project […]

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Building Conflict Reporting / Clash Detection Solutions

As the BIM Models for all disciplines are accurately created, ENGworks performs Clash Detection and generates customized Building Conflict Reports (BCR). Our staff works together with the architects, engineers, general contractor and trades to detect and resolve the design conflicts among construction elements, before construction dollars are spent.

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BIM Modeling Services Solutions

BIM Modeling It represents the central focus of the effort in design and constructability analysis. ENGworks provides full Bentley and Autodesk expertise on all disciplines: Architectural, Structural, Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, and Fire Protection. A customer centric approach is our key strength, and has gone long way in developing long term business relationships with our […]

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BIM Project Plan Authoring Solutions

The successful adoption of Building Information Modeling (BIM) can be a direct result of the processes and plan that is defined in the beginning stages of adoption. ENGworks has created and implemented dozens of BIM Execution Plans (BEP). After thorough investigation and goal definition these documents include standards and protocols for how the project team […]

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BIM Coordination

The ENGworks Coordination team is able to draw from years of experience in construction coordination and modeling, having led coordination and modeling efforts on dozens of multi-million square foot projects. With this acquired expertise ENGworks is able to offer assistance in all aspects of preconstruction and construction. ENGworks is fully capable of organizing and running […]

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BIM Content Development

Deployment Solutions ENGworks has worked closely with Autodesk to become a Premier Provider for the Autodesk Content Network (ACN). CADworks is one of a limited set of companies in the world to hold this distinction and the only company currently to specifically provide only certified MEP content to this network. ENGworks ensures our content, created […]

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3D Virtual Presentations/ Visualization

As an accurate BIM Model has already been generated, we can efficiently export it to the appropriate visualization software package, select the desired views, compose images, and produce photorealistic renderings. The presentations are tailored to the audience, which will contain more valuable information about the project. Equally important to generating a 3D model is the […]

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BIM News

Learn more about the BIM world by reading the latest news from all around the world.

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FAQ about BIM

What is BIM? What are some of the uses of BIM? And the benefits? Here we respond to these and more questions…

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