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MEP BIM Modeling

MEP Modeling, Coordination & Digital Fabrication

ENGworks is one of the nation’s leading VDC service providers for Trade Contractors. The foundation of our services begins with MEP BIM Modeling, Trade Spatial Coordination, and BIM for Prefabrication. Our different teams of Engineers and Field experienced Detailers bring to the table experience in all trades: Mechanical [Sheet Metal & Piping], Plumbing, Electrical, and Fire Protection.

We count on solid experience modeling LOD 350 and fabricable LOD 400 models.
We leverage Autodesk REVIT utilizing Fab-parts as well as Sysque®, we also use Autodesk Fabrication CADMEP, Trimble PD3D and DD3D, and Bentley AECOSim.
We take great pride in the fabrication database that we have created over the past 13 years. However, many times we utilize our client-specific database.
We represent a Trade or Lead the Weekly BIM coordination meetings, where we work with the other trades solving clashes between the MEP’s, architectural and Structural as well as constructability issues (including clearances for installation and maintenance).

Preparing a building component or assembly for fabrication is a time-consuming process that depends on numerous complex factors. BIM facilitates a variety of related design/construction activities, including digital fabrication and Shop drawings of building components. BIM enables digital design-to-fabrication workflows for all building disciplines.

As outputs for field installation, we produce Install & Shop Drawings, as well as setting up Points in the models for layout with Robotic Stations.
For Pre-Fabrication at the Shop, we produce accurate Spool Drawings, MAJs for CNC, and direct outputs for automatic pipe cutting machines such as Tigerstop™
We either take the full scope and ownership of the Model-Coordination process on behalf of one or more of the Trade Contractors, or we act as an extension of the Contractors in-house team to augment its capacity during pics of work.

Many times, Architectural or Structural Models are missing. ENGworks can cover this gap too. Our Architectural and Structural teams can model efficiently for BIM coordination purposes.

How we deliver our services – Off or On-Site

All our services can be performed at our own office, communicating via web-based collaboration tools, video calls, and traditional phone calls.
However, we also believe that for certain endeavors a personal presence is required to increase communication, thereby maximizing efficiency. ENGworks designed a unique On-Site support business model, where we can provide on-site support by sending our BIM professionals to work at your office or in the field for some time (from a few weeks, months, or even years at larger projects); while the rest of the team at ENGworks supports you from our offices.
We also offer different types of contracts to suit your needs, such as Time and Material, Lump Sum, and Full-time engagements. Please contact us to discuss your next BIM project.

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