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What is the BIMXchange?

The BIMXchange is a Cloud based content management system. This tool was created with Architects, Engineers, and Contractors in mind. Revit is an incredibly complex and demanding design application. Due to this complexity users must precisely input accurate data. Real-world timelines typically do not allocate time for careful data entry. BIMXchange utilizes the ENGworks Cloud to store, search, and deliver Revit content. The ENGworks Revit Libraries have been optimized for searching and insertion in to your project.

BIMXchange runs within the Revit application. Since the browser is web-based, all content easily downloads and instantly appears in any Revit project. As the application evolves through content additions, updates, and browser enhancements, users will receive email alerts immediately. All information is stored in the ENGworks Cloud, so no effort is needed from the engineer to organize or manage data.


How is BIMXchange different?

• BIM Content on Request (BIM | COR)
We have developed the BIM | COR as a way to request content and improve communication between our content developers, manufacturers and our users.

• Data Structure
ENGworks has completely rewritten the data structure in terms of how the data for the families is stored and delivered. This provides a more seamless interaction with the application.

• Call Home
The Call Home is the first of its kind to deliver a content tracking feature. The call home scans the active BIM and informs to the User if the manufacturer has updated their content.

• Compatibility
The BIMXchange v6.0 is compatible with Revit 2013, 2014, 2015 & 2016.

Why BIMXchange?

As fellow practitioners, ENGworks created the browser based on engineers’ thought processes. The users locate content in one of three ways: a manufacturer specified tree view, an alphabetized scroll bar, or a search filter for quick results of specific requests. In addition, BIMXchange contains preview renderings of all content so the user can visually review and approve.

ENGworks is an active member of the Autodesk® Content Network and is considered a Premier Provider of Revit Content. Therefore, all certified content available will be of the highest quality and all generated data will genuinely assist in design. This is the essence of using Revit for your BIM project. Furthermore, all content that is created is tested and certified by either an Architect or Engineer for proper functionality.enderings of all content so the user can visually review and approve.

With the BIMXchange v6.0 you can… Access 65,000+ MEP specific Revit Family Types, representing all MEP disciplines, plus Architectural cross‐over for Lighting / Electrical and Plumbing!

BIMXchange v6.0 Custom

In addition to all functionality and options provided in v6.0 Basic, v6.0 Custom offers Users the option of including their own unique libraries within BIMXchange. These Custom Libraries can be complied of selected existingBIMXchange Content; the Users own Content, or an assortment of both. They are accessible only by designated Users.

This service provides access to a portal for uploading your company’s content. After upload, the content will be indexed and the resulting library subsequently made available via the Cloud to your BIMXchange Users. Custom libraries may be structured per office, project, studio, or discipline, and will be updated in real‐time.

Please contact us for Pricing and Ask about our customization options. Our teams of programmers are skilled at developing solutions that are sustainable for today as well as tomorrow.