Case Studies

Case Study: BIM Metal Framing Prefabrication

Prefabricating Wall-Framing brings a stunning opportunity for construction cost and time savings. The BOLDT Company, supported by ENGworks fabrication modeling capabilities, is taking full advantage of Virtual Design Construction.

Successful BIM Coordination for Small/Mid-Size Trade Contractor

For example, Hi-tech and educational owners, as shown on this video with Google and Stanford University, are requiring BIM on all of their projects.

Case Study: GC Taking the BIM Modeling Authoring

At ENGworks, we firmly believe that “Ownership” by the Trade Contractors of the Trade Models is critical to the success of the BIM coordination process. If this ownership is mandated by a good contract, where the right level of importance is given to the Models, odds are BIM will bring everybody great ROI, and lot less headaches during construction. 

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Case Study: BIM for Fabrication Healthcare Facility

The Treasure Coast Behavioral Care Facility

The Treasure Coast Behavioral Care Facility is a newly constructed 80 bed facility in the city of Stuart on Florida’s beautiful Treasure Coast.

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Case Study: YouBIM & IBM Maximo Integration

Maine General Hospital

Integrate YouBIM into the Maximo environment (traditional static directory tree navigation)

The world leading solution from IBM, Maximo is one of the most widely deployed CMMS solutions that helps manage every aspect of facility management.

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