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Aria at the CityCenter

Project Description:

The Aria is the spectacular centerpiece of the Las Vegas CityCenter resort development

Cambridge’s architectural mesh façade system not only adds to the CityCenter’s aesthetic appeal, but also serves the functional purpose of shading a stretch of the complex along Frank Sinatra Boulevard. This effectively guards the podium structure and the pool deck’s exit stairway from street view. The 28,542 sf of architectural steel mesh that guards a portion of the attraction is just a sampling of the metal incorporated into the structure.

Designed by Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects, the USD 8.5 billion project opened in December 2009.


• Shop and Installation Drawings for Exterior Mesh Panels

• Fabrication Drawings for Curved Mesh Panels

Size: 3.8 million sf | 353.000 m2

Location: Las Vegas, NV

Client: Cambridge Architectural

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