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Specific Services for Army Corps of Engineers and Government

US Government entities such as Army Corps of Engineers (ACOE), General Services Administration (GSA), US Department of Defense (DOD), Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC), and US Air Force (USAF) are fully committed to implementing BIM on all of their projects globally. ENGworks brings to the table the understanding and knowledge to help our clients meet the stringent requirements and processes when working with one of these agencies.

Several of these government agencies rely on specific BIM authoring software, such as Bentley® Systems or Revit® software, to create complex and accurate BIM models, as well as CAD sheets for documentation. ENGworks has the knowledge not only in the specific BIM authoring software platforms, but also on how these projects must be setup to meet the standards for each government agency’s BIM/CAD requirements. Entities like the ACOE have their own specific BIM execution plans; theirs is called the USACE BIM Project Execution Plan (PxP). ENGWorks has experience with crafting custom PxP plans for our customers to work directly with the division or agency in their projects. With years of experience serving these unique markets, ENGworks can help with your next project.

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