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VOA Associates Incorporated

Downtown Disney Expansion, Disney´s Springs – Orlando, FL …”I thank ENGworks for the job well done and when our modeling needs or requirements exceeds what we can do in-house, actually ENGworks is the first one I would call”… Ted G. Fery, […]

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Stokes Mechanical Contractor, Inc.

TREASURE COAST BEHAVIORAL CARE FACILITY – Stuart, FL ““ENGworks supplied BIM coordination, fabrication and installation spool drawings & Trimble points to locate hangers, sleeves and piping layouts resulting in labor savings controlled labor costs, using coordinated drawings for material purchases, […]

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Granite Construction Co.

NEW CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS – Cupertino, CA …”Their quick response, quality of service, make ENGworks our BIM partner of choice.” James M. WeddingProject DirectorGranite Construction Co.

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    What is BIM? What are some of the uses of BIM? And the benefits? Here we respond to these and more questions…

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