Successful BIM Coordination for Small/Mid-Size Trade Contractor

Successful BIM Coordination for Small/Mid-Size Trade Contractor

For example, Hi-tech and educational owners, as shown on this video with Google and Stanford University, are requiring BIM on all of their projects. Sometimes, small to mid-size electrical, mechanical or plumbing contractors have a difficult time maintaining a full-time team in-house that can keep up with technology.

Through its partnership with ENGworks, Castro Plumbing, a Silicon Valley-based plumbing contractor, can offer its clients BIM capabilities as advanced or even more so than the larger players in the market.

Stokes Mechanical Contractor, Inc.


“ENGworks supplied BIM coordination, fabrication and installation spool drawings & Trimble points to locate hangers, sleeves and piping layouts resulting in labor savings controlled labor costs, using coordinated drawings for material purchases, just-in-time delivery and limited material waste, all contribute to the savings of the project.  From start to finish, the open dialogue with ENGworks and our Project Management Team during design and coordination has been a major factor in the success of the project“.

Mike Higgins
Director of Plumbing Operations
Stokes Mechanical Contractor, Inc. 

Granite Construction Co.


…”Their quick response, quality of service, make ENGworks our BIM partner of choice.”

James M. Wedding
Project Director
Granite Construction Co.

VOA Associates Incorporated

Downtown Disney Expansion, Disney´s Springs – Orlando, FL

…”I thank ENGworks for the job well done and when our modeling needs or requirements exceeds what we can do in-house, actually ENGworks is the first one I would call”…

Ted G. Fery, Architect, AIA, LEED AP BD+C
VOA Associates Inc.